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XAMTA's ERP Business Analyst has expertise in recognizing the qualities and shortcomings in your business, creating strong plans for success, and supporting the process of change.

Our industry-leading methodology delivers precise, metrics-based analysis of businesses. We work with all your administration and staff to comprehend and document how they do their everyday tasks, enabling us to provide a free, external perspective on where changes could be made.

Pain Points Analysis

Anything that obstructs the everyday running of your business can be viewed as a pain point. You might know about yours as of now; you may think of them as shallow. In any case, the truth of the matter is that even the smallest looking issues can end up genuine after some time, harming your productivity and affecting your bottom line.

XAMTA's specialists (ERP Business Analyst) will review the way your organization works from end to end. They will meet your key stakeholders to find out about the difficulties you confront now and are probably going to face later.

We will recognize your business pain points and their main drivers, creating feasible arrangements that will bolster your business and advance future development.

Our solutions can be disruptive, expecting changes to your current methods for working. In any case, whatever we suggest – be it an innovation arrangement or an adjustment in technique – we realize that behind each issue is an opportunity, and we'll work with you to discover and follow up on yours, creating arrangements in light of your proposals and our insight.

Data Quality Assessment

If your data isn't routinely monitored and quality-checked, then the results can be chaotic. Our data quality assessment team can discard those issues by offering an objective perspective of the issues affecting your business, ensuring the correct data is being captured and reported against.

We'll discuss with your key stakeholders to establish what is turning out badly and why. We will analyze data extracts, examine the procedures behind it, ensure your information is in effect legitimately sifted for pertinence, accuracy, and significance, and we'll think of another information management strategy.

It might be necessary to take a gander at different business process enhancements, training, and monitoring – or a straightforward technical fix may carry out the job – and we'll help convey the changes to every one of your users, so that your people understand what you are intending to accomplish and will support it.

Great quality sales information ought to resemble golddust to your association. It should smooth the daily operation of your business, enhance your margins, and raise customer satisfaction.

Understanding data quality is critical to your long-term success in business.

As Is and To Be Analysis

When you're hoping to outsource or renew your business, it's immensely critical to assess your current business process so you can be clear about where your business is presently (as-is) and where you need to take it (to-be).

Our ERP Business Analyst will lead a review of your current processes, working with you to comprehend the technology you are presently using, the teams involved, how your business is structured, and how it works now.

Documenting your current business state provides a critical foundation from which to build new improvements or make business process changes.

We are then in a situation to start the more point by point work of building up your key business objectives and desires, and additionally the extent of your prerequisites. In the meantime, we'll ensure your objectives are realistic and workable, absolutely focused on and obviously imparted, with the full help of your key stakeholders.

Key business analysis is the way to building up a reasonable and useful arrangement for overcoming any issues – moving from your present plan of action to your objective plan of action.

Enabling Technology Implementation

A good business analyst can have the effect amongst progress and disappointment on a confounded ERP Implementation Project.

We'll work with your key teams and executives to figure the business vision for your project, distinguishing the necessities, conveying them to your business partners and making an interpretation of them into something the development team can work with.

With extensive experience of overseeing business change projects, our consultants will ensure your new technology assets are appropriately implemented. We'll also coach and support your users on the new processes and other changes

Customer & Sales ERP Modules​


Manage customer or client base with all complex details

Import Leads

Flexible to Import / create leads


Customer Relationship Management


Quotation & Sales, 
Send Quote by an Email

Products / Services

Revenue maker items or services

Email Marketing

Product / Service awareness

Purchase & Warehouse ERP Modules


Manage and list your vendors 

Products / Services

Control vendor related code and price range, etc

Stock Adjustment

Allow you to flexibility to update daily stock count, at right location with lot / serial


Manage receiving items and label print, location etc


Pick right item direct ship or pick, pack and ship, all flexibility right here.

Internal Transfer

Olla, flexible to tranfer betweet warehouses


Modern way to operate your business, by lot/serial, product code, location code, easy to trace. 

Delivery Picking

System let you know how to pick, from where to pick, etc    

Landed Cost

Allow you to control landed cost with purchase system, right way to estimate purchase unit price per company or warehouse, etc 

Inventory FIFO | LIFO | FEFO

Flexible to manage movement of items in warehouse.

Expire Date

Allow you to decide and control expire date and etc ...

Multi Warehouse, Multi location

Allow to manage complexity with number of warehouses or locations.

Financial ERP Modules


Manage business specific chart of account

Journal Entries

Flexible to Import / create leads


Sales related invoices and payments


Purchase related invoices and payments

Reports & BI

Profit and lost, Balancesheet and other reports for a company

Online Payment

Get paid online instant and lot more with customer portal

Other many modules to execute all kind of businesses, contact us

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