Why We Need A Document Management System? by XAMTA INFOTECH Document Management System - August 3, 2022

A document management system is a software solution that enables the digital management of documentation, with a prevalent focus on business-related documents in today's context.

Functions of Document Management Systems:

In essence, document management systems aim to expedite, simplify, and enhance tasks associated with document management within a company or organization. Let's delve deeper into the capabilities that a document management system brings to any business entity.

  1. Make Light Work of Heavy Loads: The advent of hard-copy paper was a significant advancement, but it soon became a cumbersome burden for companies dealing with large volumes of documentation. The concept of document management systems emerged in the 1980s, utilizing scanning technology to transition vast amounts of physical documents into a secure digital environment. This innovation eliminated the need for manual searches in document secure rooms or through rows of filing cabinets, providing easy digital accessibility.

  2. Produce Secure Documentation: Storing hard-copy documentation was inherently challenging—prone to loss, difficult to search, and expensive to maintain securely. Document management software, introduced in the 1980s, replaced old filing cabinets with secure digital environments. While some industries still required hard copy files for compliance, the assurance of secure and accessible digital documentation became invaluable.

  3. Route in the Blink of an Eye: Physically routing documents, especially in large quantities, posed significant challenges. Document management systems streamlined this process, making routing quicker and more efficient than physical or email methods. This ensured that documents were not lost in transit.

  4. Track Documentation on the Speed of Thought: Document routing often involves multiple approvals and edits, making manual tracking complex. Document management systems integrate tracking and time-stamp technology, simplifying the tracking process during routing and approval. This ensures visibility and accountability.

  5. Find the Needle within the Filing Cabinet: Locating a specific document among thousands used to be a time-consuming task, whether in filing cabinets or emails. Document management systems are equipped with advanced search technology, enabling swift and efficient retrieval of essential documents, even in vast collections.

  6. Validation May Be Required: Highly regulated industries, such as finance, law, and life sciences, demand secure document management systems adhering to industry standards. Specialized document management systems offer assurance to regulatory bodies that document security and process management comply with regulations.

  7. Cloud-based Opensource Document Management Systems: The trend in the last decade has been the transition of document management systems to the cloud. While concerns exist regarding online content management, secure and cloud-based document management system solutions have become prevalent.

  8. Have Opensource Document Management Systems “Gone Mobile”? In recent years, most document management systems have embraced mobile applications, catering to the mobility requirements of today's business environment.

  9. 12 Quick Benefits of an Opensource Document Management System: In summary, a document management system provides several high-level advantages for any company or organization:

    • Increases work speed while reducing errors
    • Eliminates lost and misfiled documents
    • Saves time, space, and money
    • Automates redundant processes
    • Improves customer service
    • Ensures document visibility at all times
    • Enables remote work
    • Controls access
    • Tracks files efficiently
    • Facilitates quick and efficient document turnaround
    • Supports business expansion
    • Maximizes efficiency


In conclusion, Opensource Document Management Systems represent an evolving and adaptable solution for documentation management. For most businesses, these systems have the potential to enhance processes throughout the organization. However, thorough research and consultation are essential before making significant purchasing decisions.

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